It may be cold and dreary now but not long summer will be on the horizon and do you have your child's summer camp picked out yet?

According to WOOD, if you are thinking of a summer camp for your kids but need some ideas, look no further than the Van Andel Institute of Education. They offer a ton of opportunities for students to expand their knowledge through summer camps. It is never to early to play your child's summer break and the Van Andel Institute offer great opportunities for students 2nd through 12th grade. Kids can participate in science activities and get hands on experience with interactive learning as well as hang out with their friends and explore other interests.

Opportunities to learn about crime scenes,fossils and space, there is so much for kids to choose from that all kids will enjoy. If you are an educator, there are camps for teachers to learn more on how to inspire, teach and lead the next generation of young minds.

Whether your student wants to learn about space, fossils, or crime scenes, the Van Andel Institute of Education has a summer camp for everyone! They even have camps for teachers to learn more about how to inspire and teach the next generation.

You might be thinking it is too early to start thinking about this when in fact you need to act fast because the Van Andel Institute of Education camps fill up fast. Here is a complete list of available camps, what they offer and a place to register by clicking here.

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