If you live in Michigan there is a good chance you have visited Mackinac Island. It's a beautiful vacation spot in the summer. I hear the night life on the island is cool to experience as well (although I have yet to do that). Imagine how fun it would be to actually live on Mackinac Island!

You are in luck...maybe! There are currently six different homes for sale on the 4.35 square mile island. They are pretty pricey though. Here is what is available...

Homes For Sale on Mackinac Island

If you can't afford any of the homes available, there are some parcels of vacant land available. These range in price from $49,900 up to $1.8 million! You can see those listings here.

Or maybe you would just like an expensive home in another location in the state of Michigan...

The 10 Most Expensive Michigan Homes on the Market Right Now

Are you one of those people who likes to scroll real estate websites like Zillow and daydream? Here's a look at the most expensive homes for sale in Michigan right now, in order from least to most expensive (note: there's none here under $7 million).

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