Summer time means more hours outside under the sun which means more chances to develop skin cancer.

According to WOOD, here are some tips from Priority Health's Chief Medical Officer James Forshee on how you can do a self exam at home for skin cancer.

Basically, you should stand in front of a mirror naked and check your whole body starting at the top with inside your hair. Also check your ears, your neck, under your arms, the backs of your arms. You'll likely need a mirror to check places like your back and your nether region. Move things around and make sure to look closely to see if you notice anything different than the last time that you checked.

You should also use a mnemonic device A, B, C, D, E to help you know what to look for.

  • A: Is for asymmetry. When checking a freckle, mole or sun spot, you want to see if one side is larger than the other.
  • B: Is for borders. Watch out for spots that are irregular in size and that extends beyond the current border.
  • C: Is for color. See if the color changes or becomes uneven.
  • D: Is for diameter. Keep an eye on a mole that continues to change or expand.
  • E: Is for evolving. Does your mole itch or bleed?  

After checking yourself out, if any of the items on the previous list you say yes to, then its best to go and see your doctor.

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