Ever seen that movie 'The Wizard?'

It was some movie about video games, Fred Savage was in it, some kid was lost or whatever. All we really cared about was the games.

What's really cool is that the movie was based off of a real Nintendo competition named Nintendo World Championships. After 25 years, the legendary competition returns.

Someone at Nintendo has the right mind set when doing their advertising, because they are finally understanding their evolving clientele. Stop marketing to 'Stay at Home Moms' and market to the 'nostalgic.'

After 25  years, Nintendo is bringing back the classic Nintendo World Championships.

I would go through the whole history of it, but just CLICK HERE and you can find out all about it.

The new competition will take place in selected Best Buy stores across the nation. Finalist will then meet up in Los Angeles (just like old times) and compete in the finals, two days before the big E3 gaming expo.

Not a ton of information has been mentioned, but once it gets known where these Best Buys are. You can be damn sure that I will be there competing!

Maybe they'll hand out $20,000 gold carts? Probably not.

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