The show must go on, and it certainly did for Hollywood Vampires at Coney Island in Brooklyn last night. The supergroup, which features Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, among others, made their way to New York but Perry’s night was cut short unfortunately.

While Perry performed one full song of the set he seemed to fade fast and fellow guitarist Depp seemed concerned while onstage with him. Many fans wondered where Perry was throughout the night since he did not return to perform after slumping down onto the drum riser and stumbling offstage (watch below). It wasn’t until after the show that a good number of the fans found out that Perry was rushed to the hospital, where he is resting in stable condition after initial reports had him in critical condition. While some reports say he may have suffered cardiac arrest, there is no confirmation as to what caused the hospitalization.

The band did improvise and continue without him, performing covers by everyone from David Bowie and The Beatles to Led Zeppelin and Motorhead. They also performed original tunes “As Bad As I Am” and “My Dead Drunk Friends.” Even though a couple of songs were scrapped from the setlist and Perry’s presence was heavily missed, the gig was an enjoyable one.

Johnny Depp has some real charisma onstage, as well as some impressive chops on the guitar, and Alice Cooper…well he’s Alice Cooper and always entertaining.  But the MVP of the night wasn’t a big name at all, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Bruce Witkin filled in many parts on the guitar for Perry. The band as a whole is solid and the camaraderie onstage is evident. What could have been a lost concert turned out to be a well improvised one that went smoothly despite what was going on behind the scenes. Thankfully Perry is in stable condition (see tweet below)and we send him well wishes and a very speedy recovery.

Check out our photo gallery of Hollywood Vampires performing in Brooklyn above.

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