As we move into the holiday season, you might be busting out your holiday decor and dusting off the old holiday classic movies.

My personal go-to that I MUST watch every year is Elf. Will Ferrell as a 6'3 man who thinks he's an elf wandering the streets of New York City while spreading holiday cheer? How could I resist?

But, did you know that there are a number of holiday films that are actually set in Michigan? Here are at least 5:

5 Holiday Movies Set in Michigan

All of these holiday movies were either filmed in or are set in the mitten state.

Is that a complete list? Probably not. In fact, the movie A Holiday I Do was filming in the Grand Rapids area earlier this year. It centers on an LGBTQ+ couple with 10% of the film's proceeds being promised to the Trevor Project which deals with suicide prevention and LGBTQ+ youth. I'm not sure of the official release date but you can read more here.

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You can find even more holiday movies filmed or set in Michigan from and

There's one I left off of the list that, technically, could be considered a holiday movie. That's Reindeer Games. This one was set in Michigan's UP and it's not alone:

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