High school sports are back in Michigan and students couldn't be more excited across the state.

The pandemic has been brutal to high school sports in the past year with high schoolers being more susceptible to spreading the coronavirus and most likely to gather and think they are invincible.

According to FOX 17, practices begin Monday, March 22, for students all across the state after missing a year due to COVID-19.

The pandemic has been ultra hard on seniors who want to finish their final season and in some cases this may hurt some students who were relying on sports scholarships to go to college. Lack of playing time means lack of exposure to scouts.

All school sports programs have COVID-19 protocols in place to protect students while at practice and at the game. It is important that student continue to practice those protocols when they are off the field and away from the school grounds.

All it takes is one player or coach to come to practice or a game that tests positive for the coronavirus and the program is shutdown until the quarantine is lifted.

Most schools are having kids wear masks and receive frequent COVID-19 testing to try and maintain a safe and healthy environment for the kids to be able to practice and compete.

Students and coaches are all on board with the safety measures in order to get back on the field.

FOX 17 reported that last Friday Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced a significant number of new outbreaks can be blamed on high school athletics.

The state tracked the total of COVID-19 outbreaks from last week and almost half were contact traced back to sports clubs, schools, teams and recreational sports.

I'm still unclear with Michigan seeing the highest numbers of COVID-19 cases and rising in the entire country that things are still opening up. Especially since the state is a long way from vaccinating the majority of the public.

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