Today on Segment 16, the guys check out a news story about a Kenowa Hills graduating senior, who's father won't be allowed into the ceremony. Apparently the kid's dad has a mouth on him, and has been mean to coaches and people at school sports events.

Benito Hernandez, Jr is about to graduate from Kenowa Hills High School, but the school won't allow his father to come. Benito Sr. admits he's "outspoken" at school sporting events.

Meaning: He's that obnoxious guy who screams at coaches and calls them names.

The father had already been banned from the baseball games, but when his son wasn't played, he cussed out the coach, and called him names. Surprise! They don't like that stuff!

You were already a big enough problem that they'd banned you from the games, and STILL went back and cussed out the coach after that. Are you surprised they banned you from another school function?

You can't be trusted to behave yourself, and no one wants you ruining graduation, too. Don't blame other people that you brought this on yourself.

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