With the election less than 2 months away, most Michiganders will soon have their ballots filled out and ready to be counted.  But a lot of people have questions about the coming 2020 election because of the pandemic.

Michigan is sending ballots to every registered voter in the state and you can either mail those ballots back in, drop them off at a ballot drop off location, deliver them to your county clerk, or forgo the absentee process and vote in person.  With all of those options, things can get a little bit confusing.

But, the State of Michigan has put together a website that can answer all of the following questions when you enter in a little bit of information:

  • When is the election?
  • Am I registered?
  • When will I my ballot be sent to me in the mail?
  • Where can I drop my ballot off?
  • Who is my City Clerk and where are they located?
  • Where is my voting precinct?
  • Where is my polling location?
  • What does my ballot look like?

You can answer all of those questions by either providing your name, birth date, and zip code, or driver's license number, or by county.

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