Everyone has problems with Wifi sometimes, like I am right now, trying to write this blog. Sometimes it just gets slow and stupid, sluggish, and maybe even makes you feel like you're back on dialup. (Kids, dialup was when we used to have to get on the internet on a telephone line...wait, okay, a telephone line is...nevermind.)

Sometimes, you have to call your internet provider to get help with your service, but sometimes, you don't. Here are some tips to improve your wifi experience at home, and you won't have to spend any money to buy another router!

It's like business, it's all about location. Is your router in a closet? Is it in the farthest corner from your bedroom where you're trying to get onto YouPorn, and the video is loading so slow it's like a time-lapse of sex?

Try moving your router into the middle of the house, adjusting the antennas, get it off the floor or away from other electronics. Watch the video above for all the help you need to make your wifi better.

I'm going home to do all of these things!