Every year, we team with Amway for the Amway Family Fireworks at Ah-Nab-Awen Park. It's a fun evening of food, drinks, music...and of course, the fireworks! But the day doesn't start with the singing of the National Anthem...it begins early that week.

Our Live Events Manager starts getting things loaded into the park before the day of the show, in this year's case, on Thursday, because of the potential for rain on Thursday and Friday. So things were brought in pretty far in advance.

But the day of, she meets with police at 6:30am! There's a safety walkthrough with bomb dogs, inspections, and more. And then, the rest of the promotions staff can arrive about 9am to continue the setup.

Things are built throughout the day: the stage gets constructed, lights hung, sound tested...and then it's time for the bands to arrive for soundcheck, and people start getting in position for the show.

By the time we welcome everyone to the show at 5:45pm, some of our staff has worked for 11 hours already...with another 7 hours still to go!

We love what we do, and it's always great fun to bring these events to life, and have you all come out and have fun with us. Thank you for being there, and thanks for enjoying our parties!

This timelapse doesn't show everything that happened throughout the day, but you can see things come together, and everything up the the launch of the first fireworks. Then, make sure to go watch the entire fireworks show, which is posted for you here, too!

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