The Olympics are over, but a recent tweet caught former Grandville resident, and budding NBA superstar, Devin Booker doing something all Michiganders, current and former, have done for ages.

No, he's not curing a hangover with Vernor's Ginger Ale, but it's close.

Booker was caught in a candid moment showing his teammates where in Michigan he lives by using his hand as a mitten and pointing to Grand Rapids.

Which makes one wonder -- where did the Michigan "hand map" originate from?

Did ancient tribes know of the shape of the land and show other natives where they lived along the Indian Trail that became US-131?

Did the Voyageurs who first mapped the state back in the early 1700s look at it and say in French to their fellow trappers, all while pointing at their hand, "J'habite ici, c'est un peu près de Detroit".

I'm not sure about its actual history, I only know this, if you are from Michigan, it's innately and genetically in your DNA to automatically lift your hand, revealing "the mitten", and then pointing on your palm to where you grew up.

We're so good at it we've even mastered an Upper Peninsula sideways mitten work around in case you're from some place like Rudyard.

Rudyard, by the way, is home to the best maple syrup made in the state. If you didn't know, you do now.

Now, for the unfamiliar here's a mitten hand map tutorial.

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