Not many people know this but I do a dangerous David Lee Roth on the rare occasions that I juice up enough to sing Karoke in public.  What I mean by "dangerous" is that it could be fatal to your ears.

Thinkin' I'm not so worried now that I've had a chance to listen to the REAL David Lee Roth attempt to belt out some new Van Halen tunes.  I got a hold of some short clips of from the upcoming New VH release due out Feb 7th.  Take a listen and tell me what you think.  Am I full of crap or dead nuts on.

Here's the first clip called"Blood & Fire". Somethings eatin' at me on this track sounds like the vocal phrasing is off at times and he's missing that once-dominant Diamond Dave vocal swagger and command in his voice.  What do you think?


Remember "Ice Cream Man" from VH debut album.  Little funky-like acoustic guitar setting up a really slamming close?  Well meet today's weaker version "Stay Frosty".  I go back to the missing swagger in Roth's lyrics.  Sounds like he just waltzed into the 5150 studios picked up a lyric sheet and without any proof reading began wailing. What do you think?


Probably the best Roth performance of the entire run of clips here happens on "China Town". Bet $100 that this was one of the last songs recorded cause to me Roth feels like he's warming up and getting comfortable being back in the studio.  What do you think?

Van Halen album ‘A Different Kind Of Truth’  - out February 7th.