If you have a lap dog, you may want to stick to the couch because if a new law gets passed, you will be fined for having your dog on your lap behind the wheel of a vehicle.

According to WZZM, a state lawmaker is trying to pass a law making it illegal to drive with your dog on your lap.

Rep. LaTanya Garrett's legislation says, "an individual shall not operate a motor vehicle while a dog is sitting in his or her lap, unless the dog is sitting in his or her lap for a medical purpose under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990."

If you are caught with a dog on your lap while driving you will recieve a $100 fine for the first offense but will go up for additional offenses.

Lawmakers say this will help keep drivers safe by reducing yet another distraction.

Hawaii has already passed a similar law with several other states following suit.

AAA says, "Each and every time you travel with your dog, just as you put on your seat belt when you hit the road, be sure you do the same for your canine companion."

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