For those of you who like to pump iron, gym doors all across Michigan have now reopened with lots of new safety measures in place to keep you safe.

I have a lot of friends that workout at the gym regularly who have been going nuts over the past six months because they could not go to the gym.

Many of my friends wound up purchasing some home equipment while others just totally shifted how they exercise by running or exercising in the park.

Some gyms and workout studios did manage to hold classes outside in the interim but now that it is getting colder, that will all go away soon. Well, except for the die-hard runners who run in all seasons.

According to WOOD, gyms across Michigan got the green light to reopen at 5 a.m. Wednesday and the Planet Fitness on 28th Street had a steady stream of customers bright and early.

Gyms have had to get very creative with their reopening plans. You know - allow customers to maintain social distancing, make sure they are wearing masks, while employees keep the machines wiped down so they can keep their doors open.

Unfortunately, with gyms being closed for six months, many were not able to reopen their doors today.

With the pandemic in play and cold weather on its way along with flu season and a potential coronavirus spike predicted, it is as important as ever to be as healthy as possible.

We have already seen that people who don't take care of themselves are the most susceptible to catching and even worse, die from the virus.

Now, if you are a regular at an area YMCA, you are going to have to wait one more day or even until Monday to return, but they are taking extra steps to make sure the public is safe to return.

The rules across all gyms are virtually the same - you must wear a mask during your workout and the gym will only be able to have 25% of its normal capacity to allow proper social distancing. Equipment has even been spaced out in establishments in order to help achieve social distancing goals.

Gyms will also be keeping track of everyone who comes in and out of the facility. In case of an outbreak, contact tracing will be essential to contacting those who may have been exposed to someone with the virus. Plus, this will ensure gyms will be able to reopen if they have a minor shutdown due to an outbreak.

So whether you are pumping iron, doing some cardio or whatever your exercise of choice may be, gyms are back and in order to keep them open, you (along with the gyms) must stick to the rules.

Enjoy your workout.

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