One of my favorite shows to binge during 2020 was the Metal-Themed Late Night Comedy Sketch show Two Minutes to Late Night. It's a very on the nose, satirical show that is full of musical inside jokes that most Metal Heads will love. Their house band, Mutoid Man, is incredibly entertaining and performs cover songs with the guests on the show. They have a full season of the show(that they've done in years past) up on youtube.

With COVID hitting in March, the show decided to shift into something they could do remotely. Like record Metal Covers with guests who wouldn't be able to make it into the show otherwise! They have been doing them pretty consistently throughout the pandemic. They always seem to get impressive guest musicians to perform on the tracks. One of the covers went viral with over a million views. It was a cover of Rush's Anthem and featured Claudio Sanchez, Bill Kelliher, Les Claypool, Danny Carey, and Steve Brodsky.

Today they teamed up with GWAR to bring us a hilarious parody of Elton John's Step Into Christmas with their own song Stab into Christmas. The video also includes a fun guest appearance of the voice of Comedy Central, Comedian Kyle Kinane, while he lipsyncs to the track. It goes without saying with GWAR involved that this song is 100% NSFW. It is hilarious though and will get you into the holiday spirit! Maybe try adding it to your family's Christmas music queue and see how they react.

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