Grand Valley State University's "wrecking ball" is coming back.

After some safety concerns and a little controversy, GVSU's pendulum will be reinstalled on November 12.

The pendulum became a worldwide sensation when GVSU students used it to reenact the Miley Cyrus video for "Wrecking Ball"...some even without clothing. reports:

The bifilar pendulum, part of a sculpture created by artist Dale Eldred, will be reinstalled as part of the site reconstruction November 12, outside of the Padnos Hall of Science on the Allendale Campus.

Tim Thimmesch, associate vice president for Facilities Services, said educational signs about the artwork, made by faculty and staff in the Physics Department and Art Gallery, will soon be installed as part of the ongoing project.

“The new installation will be representative of a scientific art exhibit and include a reconstructed site that limits access and compliments the original intent of the sculpture,” said Thimmesch.

I think the key part of this statement is that the new installation "limits access" to the art.

The pendulum came in like a wrecking ball, but expect things to be a little more tame going forward...or not.

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