A guy in Texas, Casey Friday, has been building a tiny house for more than two years And it was finally ready to move into.

The home is 228 square feet, cost him $35,000 and was built on the back of a trailer.

Friday and his wife, Jessica, bought a plot of land just north of San Antonio in Spring Branch, Texas, and parked their new house there. However, while they were gone last month, someone hitched it to a truck and stole the entire home. Yes, their home was STOLEN!

Luckily for the Fridays, after about a week police found their home last Friday sitting in someone's driveway about 45 miles away, WOAI-TV reported.

Authorities are still trying to figure out if the person who lives there took it or if it was someone they know, Friday said.

But the real tragedy is that Friday's dream of living in a one-room shack might be dead.

After the house was stolen, he and his wife had to find an apartment and sign a lease. So, now they might have to sell the house.

C'mon man! Get a trailer lock for that thing!

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