I love it when I come across these posts, and always want to help the pet that's featured find a forever home, mostly because if you were just to catch me either working alone or enjoying quiet time, I'll probably have the same unimpressed face.  Yes, I'm admitting that I do have Resting Grumpy Face (or RBF if you're more familiar).

The Humane Society of West Michigan posted to Facebook about Mr. Grand, a grumpy looking cat, currently up for adoption, that is nothing like he looks.  Just looking at the picture they posted, Mr. Grand looks like he's definitely judging you and very unimpressed. The post says that's just not true.

Apparently once Mr. Grand warms up to you, he acts like a giant kitten.  So much so, the post also says that Mr. Grand is not only a staff favorite, but the volunteers love him. The bio on the Humane Society's website doesn't mention that he does well with other dogs or kids for that matter, but does say that he "adores other cats too."  He's also not that old.  looking at him, you'd think he might be a senior cat, but the website says he's just a little over a year old.

They do say he needs some time to warm up to his new parent(s) before he turns into that big kitten as promised, but then again, who doesn't, right?

If you're interested in meeting Mr. Grumpy and possibly giving him a forever home, you can fill out an adoption application HERE.

If you're interested in adopting, there is a process which includes an approval process.  You'll also need an appointment in order to meet the animal you're interested in adopting, because of COVID-19. All that info is HERE.

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