Two new exhibits coming this fall to Grand Rapids Public Museum.

According to WOOD TV, one of the new exhibits will feature toys and how they shaped the current and previous generations. This should be fun for kids, parents and grandparents.

Grand Rapids Public Museum's chief curator said, "We think that play is important. It's one of the most important for kids as they're learning. It's important for all of us as adults to continue to play so we have that balance in our lives. And we think this is a great place to do it."

The exhibit called "TOYS" will begin October 27th. You can learn more and reserve your spot here.

The second exhibit begins October 14th and its called "Expedition: Dinosaur."

The dinosaur exhibit will feature life sized animatronic dinosaurs. You will learn about dinosaurs and how scientists research the creatures. There will be interactive displays with some allowing you to control the dinosaur. Plus you will learn the history of paleontology.

You can reserve your tickets now at this location.


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