Can you feel their love? Because, when watching Greta Van Fleet masterfully perform their moving rock 'n' roll shuffle "Heat Above" on Wednesday's (April 14) Jimmy Kimmel Live, all you should feel is the distinct emotional swell that only an undeniable rock song can bring.

It's all there in the late-night TV performance — singer Josh Kiszka working up to his signature yowl in a rhinestone jumpsuit, wistful guitar figures smoothly flowing from the fingers of instrumentalist Jake Kiszka, a finale that looks like a fireworks display. If this impressive run-through doesn't convince you to grab the band's imminent new album The Battle at Garden's Gate, we don't know what will.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

"Heat Above," bassist and keyboardist Sam Kiszka recently told Apple Music's Zane Lowe, "acts as a bit of a thesis in this whole body of work. And it does, I think, particularly bridge the previous album [2018's Anthem of the Peaceful Army] with this newest album. This song has been years in the making, this particular track. I think it's the oldest track on the album."

He added that the band "pulled [the song] off the shelf, dusted it off and reformatted it, and we did some other writing on it. And I think it translated … in a way [that's] particularly interesting in that it's lived through so much time and so much change [to get to] this point."

"Heat Above" joins three others songs that have emerged preceding the new album’s release, "Broken Bells," "Age of Machine" and "My Way, Soon.The Battle at Garden's Gate comes out Friday (April 16).

Greta Van Fleet Perform "Heat Above" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! - April 14, 2021

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