Green Day missed out on proper promotion of their 2012 albums, Uno!, Dos! and Tre!, but three songs from that era are getting a bit of a do over today thanks to the band's new Big Otis Guitar Mix remix EP.

The band surprise released the new three-song effort, which features updated versions of the guitar heavy songs "Lazy Bones," "Wild One" and "Oh Love." Have a listen to the tracks in the players below.

The EP comes as Green Day have scaled back promotion a bit on their Father of All album, which arrived last month. The coronavirus pandemic forced the group out of their scheduled tour of Asia, but the group has found alternate ways to remain in the public eye.

Singer Billie Joe Armstrong has begun what he's calling "No Fun Mondays" in which he's been posting a cover song each week. So far he's covered tracks from Tommy James and the Shondells and Johnny Thunders and intends to continue doing covers through the self-isolation period of the pandemic.

Armstrong also performed an acoustic version of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" from the home base of his living room for an Elton John-hosted music special airing on Fox last weekend.

Once everything gets lifted, Green Day hope to resume touring in support of the Father of All album, sharing stages with Weezer and Fall Out Boy on the Hella Mega tour. In the interim, check out the Otis Big Guitar Mix songs below.

Green Day, "Lazy Bones" (Big Otis Guitar Mix)

Green Day, "Wild One" (Big Otis Guitar Mix)

Green Day, "Oh Love" (Big Otis Guitar Mix)

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