Great Wolf Lodge takes me back to the good old days. I remember as a kid going here with my family, cousins, family friends and it was always the best time ever. It's a giant waterpark what's not fun about that? And pretty soon you can start making those memories again with your family.

Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City is set to reopen on Tuesday, June 23rd. Reopening is obviously going to come with changes for a place that attracts thousands of people. Therefore, the waterpark has implemented a new "Paw Pledge" program that symbolizes a commitment to their guests and employees regarding safety and health.

Part of their safety practices include:

  • Keeping 6 feet distance inside the lodge
  • Operating at 50% capacity
  • Creating contact-less environment to reduce surface contact
  • Using hospital-grade cleaning products and increasing the frequency of cleaning
  • Access to PPE throughout the lodge and requiring employees to wear masks and gloves where appropriate.
  • All employees will be given a health screening before work.

In addition, the Lodge is encouraging guests to use their mobile app to check-in and order food and use a credit card or wristband to make purchases. All of these things reduce the need for contact.

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The big question, though, is how do you stay safe at a giant waterpark? Great Wolf Lodge will not be operating their hot tub since it doesn't allow for social distancing and when waiting in line for a slide, people will have to stand 6 stairs apart from one another. There will also be hand sanitizer stations throughout for guests and plexiglass barriers will be installed where necessary.

Get further info here on what you can expect when you visit Great Wolf Lodge and procedures regarding entertainment, food, attractions, rooms, and other public areas.

To ease your concerns, recently the CDC said that there is no evidence you can get COVID-19 in a swimming pool or hot tub. However, it's still important to maintain social distancing while in the water.

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