WGRD debuted Disturbed's news song "The Vengeful One" today!

After nearly four years, Disturbed is back! The single appears on their upcoming album, Immortalized, out August 21.

We asked GRD listeners their opinions on the new song. What do you think of "The Vengeful One"? Check it out and vote below!

In terms of the bands years long hiatus, frontman David Drainman said in a press release, “The idea was to leave when we were at our peak, which we were, and to come back when we felt reinvigorated.”

Disturbed started working on the album secretly at the beginning of 2014, and it's the first the band has written collectively as a band since 2001, according to Loudwire

Disturbed shared a message with fans on their YouTube channel,

"This album had the arduous task of, in some way, justifying the hiatus; giving the fans something that made it worth our time away from one another. We hope that it succeeds in that task. Thank you for staying with us over the years."


Immortalized is available for pre-order now on the band's website.

Here are some GRD listeners’ thoughts on “The Vengeful One”. What do you think of the new song? Check it out and take the poll below.

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