Another day, another scam.

The Grand Rapids Police Department are telling residents to be on high alert after a wave of scams known as "grandparent scams" have been circulating throughout West Michigan. The elderly are the targets of these type of scams and the scammers normally pose as a child or grandchild of theirs. Sometimes they'll even pretend that they are a member of law enforcement.

The scammer will call the victim, either randomly or through a listing. The scammers may know some information about the victim, the victim’s relatives or may just speak in generalities. The scammers will tell the victim that they or their loved one is in jail and is in need of bond money.

GRPD says that specifically in West Michigan the fraud tries to get their victim to withdraw money from the bank and, believe it or not, the scammer will actually show up to the person's house to get the cash. Some have even been successful in getting more money from the same victims.

To avoid finding yourself or a loved one in this situation, the police department offered the following tips so people can know what to watch out for and avoid:

  • Verify the information before sending any money.
  • Don't trust the phone number the scammer is calling from - call it back
  • If you see someone at your door that you don't know
  • Law enforcement will never call you asking for money
  • If you think you're being scammed - immediately cut off contact and call the police

You call the GRPD directly at (616) 456.3400.

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