A foursome representing 8th Day CrossFit in Grand Rapids has returned to Madison hoping to improve on their top 15 finish of a year ago. So far, they're right on track.

The Team Is In 8th Place After Two Days

430 athletes from 39 countries are gathered in Madison, WI this weekend to determine the fittest people on earth in the annual CrossFit Games, and a Grand Rapids team is back in the mix hoping to improve on their 2021 14th place finish.

8th Day CrossFit Black, representing the 8th Day Gym in GR is currently in 8th place following the opening two days of competition. The team has finished four of the 13 events that will take place through Sunday afternoon. You can follow their progress live on the CrossFit Games live feed.

8th Day Won Event Four To Move Into The Top 10

The 8th Day crew, which consists of married couple Michael and Heather Paas, along with Zoe Jones and Ryan Schafer, won the Team Games fourth event, Peg and P-Bars, which featured the gymnastic skills of peg board climbing and parallel bar dips, along with the bane of CrossFit workouts, burpees, to help climb into the top ten.

The foursome also had a fourth place finish in a running event called simply 'Fast', which consisted of three 1600-meter runs equally divided among team members.

8th Day Black currently has 261 points heading into Friday's workouts, the 'Muscle Pig', which consists of ring muscle ups and pig flips (a pig is a weighted tackling dummy), and the 'Handstand Machine', which consists of handstand push ups and accumulating calories on a Echo Bike, and 500-meter rows.

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