A little while ago, I reviewed PLAY! A Video Game Symphony, a night of video game music performed by the Grand Rapids Symphony. It was an absolutely amazing time, and I got to hear great music from games like Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros., Elder Scrolls, most importantly though...Legend of Zelda. Did you know that, that the GR Symphony is dedicating a WHOLE NIGHT to LEGEND OF ZELDA?!?!

I may be a metalhead, but I am a HARDCORE video game player. I think everyone in the world can whistle the Legend of Zelda theme song, but just imagine for a second, hearing that same tune played be an ENTIRE SYMPHONY!

Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses is a touring symphony that is making a stop here in Grand Rapids at DeVos Performance Hall on OCTOBER 19th. It is an EXTREMELY limited run, and Grand Rapids is the last stop on the tour. This is a show you CAN'T MISS!

For all of the info on the upcoming symphony and ticket info, click here

I am very excited to see this show, October 19th could not come sooner!

Doubt that the GR Symphony can bring Zelda to life? You're crazy, check out PLAY! A Video Game Symphony Review