A construction designed to bridge a large vertical distance by dividing it into smaller vertical distances: Stairs. Some people look at the structure as an obstacle. It can make them winded or cause pain for worn-out knees. To others, it's a place to work out and get into shape. The latter is what one Grand Rapids Redditt user was going for.

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pmhapp asked,

"I'm looking to do some training for mountain hiking. Any recommendations for places locally that have flights of stairs outside, like as part of a park or nature trail? I don't want to be stuck inside on a StairMaster."

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Stairs on Division was offered as a possible target.

BourbonOldFashioned gave the recommendation,

"Rosy Mound park on the lakeshore. It’s pretty much all stairs."

AWDSI616 came up with this answer,

"Mount Baldhead in Saugatuck. 302 steps with great views at the top."

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There is Facebook group called Hills & Stairs. They are a group of runners of all ability levels that meet every Wednesday at 5:30 & 6:30pm to run Hills & Stairs in Downtown Grand Rapids. They run every week through sunshine, rain, snow, or whatever weather our lovely state desires to bring on. After the run, you're invited to join them inside Founders for food, drinks, and conversation.

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ironmanbythirty added,

"Not stairs, but my dad did laps up and down the hill by the Coke Plant/John Ball off of Butterworth prepping for a Mount Kilimanjaro climb. There is also a good scenic trail in Johnson Park near the 28th St entrance that is pretty hilly."

Richmond Park, PJ Hoffmaster State Park, and Cascade Peace Park were all offered as suggestions as a workout location involving stairs.

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