A new study confirms it... Grand Rapids is ripe with hipsters.

And we've got the housing market to prove it. 

According to the Grand Rapids Business Journal, a study by realtor.com and Yelp ranks Grand Rapids among the top ten most in-demand housing markets where hipster businesses are thriving.

Reatlor.com and Yelp say of their Hottest Hipster Markets in America study:

Based on our research, there’s clear evidence that “hipster” popularity – in markets like Austin, Texas – has led to mainstream interest and higher home prices over time. Whether it’s the farm-to-table restaurants or urban renewal projects that were already underway, a concentration of hipsters seems to be an indicator of a hot housing market."

They used Yelp and realtor.com data and found Grand Rapids to be the 9th hottest market in the U.S. for hipsters.

They credit GR's "public art installations and extensive brewery scene" as a draw for hipster homebuyers and names Brewery Vivant as a "Hipster Hotspot". Grand Rapids scored an 88.8 on Yelp's "Hipster Score" and 92.4 in Realtor.com's "Market Hotness".


So what city has the hottest hipster market of them all? According to study: Columbus, Ohio.

Here's the rest of their Top 10 “Hottest Hipster Markets in America”:

1.   Columbus, Ohio
2.   Seattle
3.   San Diego
4.   Fort Wayne, Indiana
5.   Rochester, New York
6.   San Francisco
7.   Long Beach, California
8.   Louisville, Kentucky
9.   Grand Rapids
10. Colorado Springs, Colorado

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