If you sell items on sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or Let Go, Grand Rapids Police say you should be on the look out for counterfeit bills.

GRPD posted to Facebook that in past 4 weeks, there have been 28 reported cases of individuals trying to pass counterfeit money in Grand Rapids.

They say the bills look or feel fake. Some have  “Motion Picture Only”, “Copy Money”, or Chinese writing printed on them. The bills may feel  like printer paper or have a waxy coating.

To avoid getting duped, police say you should inspect cash bills and mark with a currency marker. It's always a good idea to make transactions in a public place. If a large amount of money is involved, they suggest meeting in a bank lobby so the cash can be verified. 

Police recently warned of counterfeit bills being passed in Freemont and other nearby areas.



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