Grand Rapids resident Sydney Snyder is having a bad day. Sydney recently took to Facebook in hopes of finding a load of missing laundry. Writes Sydney,

My landlord replaced our dryer and put the old one (which still had a load of clothes in it) for free on the corner of Gold and Jackson 1st come first serve. If you have any information on this or were the person to pickup could you PLEASE contact me!!

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Now....I have a couple questions:

  1.  Did Sydney expect the dryer to be replaced, or did this happen without notice?
  2. Why didn't the landlord check the dryer before setting it out to the curb?
  3. Depending on the load size, did no one hear a load of laundry rolling around inside the dryer?

It's an unfortunate situation on both sides. Says Sydney, "My landlord is a good person, total accident. But it still sucks because it’s our fault too."

Now the two are on the hunt for the load of missing laundry which Sydney says includes a set of brand new scrubs, multiple pairs of her favorite leggings, bras, 3 pairs of her partner's jeans, and an embroidered North Face jacket. Sydney suspects a scrapper came along and picked up the dryer. Whoever it was, they got the better end of the deal: A free dryer and a free load of laundry!

Although it's a long-shot Sydney and her landlord are reaching out on social media in hopes of finding a lead. I hate to say it, but I think this is a lost cause. I wonder if this is the sort of thing renters insurance will cover?

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