It's not every day that you find a piece of history like this.

While magnet fishing in the Grand River, Adam Gross of Grand Rapids pulled up what would be considered a treasure but not in the traditional sense. Attached to the bottom of his magnet were someone's dog tags. They looked to be old and in rough shape but not so bad that he couldn't read the information on them.

The dog tags dated back to 1943 and belonged to a man named Clifford J. Voigt. According to WXYZ, Clifford J. Voigt was also originally from Grand Rapids.

After doing some digging on the internet, Gross discovered that the man had already passed away and was laid to rest at a cemetery in Mesa, Arizona.

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Gross said he would love to deliver the dog tags in person to the veteran's family but obviously, it's a pretty big hike. He's now in contact with the cemetery and hoping they will connect him to the family so he can get a letter and dog tags to them.

Adam Gross:

Next step is just waiting on the cemetery. We’re going to see if I write a letter to the family, and they hand that over. Or if I hand my information over to the cemetery, and they contact me back.

At this point, he's hoping that the veteran's family hears about what he found and they reach out to connect with him.

Gross said, "they’re not just dog tags, they’re someone’s history."

I suppose it is possible that the veteran dropped the dogs into the river and wanted them left there for a reason.

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