After 13 years in business, a brewery in Northeast Grand Rapids is closing after St. Patrick's Day.

The Hideout Brewing Company posted to Facebook that March 15-16th will be the "Hideout Goodbye Party" and Sunday, March 17th will be its last day open.

Fox 17 reports that the brewing company has been for sale since last summer.

In a post to Craigslist, the owners explained why they were selling,

"The Hideout is currently owned by two people, Nick Humphrey and Scott Colson. We purchased The Hideout 7 years ago. For a number of years we worked on renovations and expansion. We tripled the size of the production space, sent bottles and kegs to over 400 party stores and bars around the state. We added a kitchen area and smoker.
Over the years we have both lost the passion to expand The Hideout... We have both branched off in different directions pursuing other passions and over the last three years have not given The Hideout the time, energy or drive that it deserves. This has resulted in a steady decline in the tap room and almost non existent distribution."

In a closing announcement on Facebook, the owners say they had a buyer lined up, but the buyer was unable to get the rights to the building.

All The Hideout's equipment that doesn't have to stay with the building, along with other assets will soon be for sale.

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