If money is not already tight enough in your household, it may get a little tighter if you live in Grand Rapids because your water and sewer rates are about to rise.

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The Great Gouge

Price of gas
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I call it "The Great Gouge" but I am not blaming the city of Grand Rapids. The problem is much bigger than one city, it's global but does affect your wallet.


It started with the coronavirus and the shutdown. Many workers were laid off while others retired. Then the container ship blocked the Suez Canal which is one of the world's most vital shipping lanes. Then truckers blocked entrances and exits in and out of Canada. Gas prices begin to rise. Then Russia invades Ukraine causing oil, gas, and propane to rise on a global level. Then Saudia Arabia pulls back on its oil output causing fuel prices to stay high.  If I missed something sorry, but you get the idea that companies now had excuses to raise prices with some being legitimate and others getting a license to gouge.

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We have to remember during the pandemic big companies lost major revenue and they want to make it back no matter what. People keep saying supply chains are damaged but yet when I go to the store, everything I need is there, just more expensive and sometimes smaller in size. So are there really issues that are more than just oil companies who are sticking to the world? That is why I call it the great gouge, many companies have used this as an opportunity to make more money and all the excuses we provided above.

Grand Rapids Water and Sewer Rates to Rise

metal pipe with valve is leaking in water treatment plant

According to WOOD, water and sewer rates have been approved for an increase beginning in 2023. Water rates will increase by 6.27% and sewer rates will increase by 1.27%.

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Below are the areas affected by the rate increases:

  • Ada Township
  • Caledonia Township
  • Cascade Township
  • East Grand Rapids
  • Gaines Township
  • Kentwood
  • Ottawa County
  • Wright Township

If you feel the increase is unfair, you can the city know by emailing info@grcity.us or by mail at City Clerk's Office, 300 Monroe NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

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