Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about a flight to Chicago that began to crumble around the passengers, including Peter Pan! They also tease a press conference coming up today about more expansion downtown!

First up, an American Airlines flight to Chicago began to crumble inside the passenger cabin, forcing the plane to turn around and return to Grand Rapids. A panel inside the plane became dislodged, but the photos show something a little more disturbing.

"It looks like it's imploding!" Joe screamed!

But at least WOODTV got a special interview with Peter Pan, so we know he's okay, and able to return to Neverland.

Then, there's an announcement today about some possible downtown development. DeVos Place could be expanding, there could be a new arena, there could be some major building happening, to grow Grand Rapids, and bring more people and money to Grand Rapids. Stay tuned!

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