A lot of distilleries have stepped up to make hand sanitizer during the coronavirus pandemic. One in Kentwood has even started a whole new company for the sought-after product.

Fox 17 reports that Wise Men Distillery has a new LLC strictly for hand sanitizer.

The company says it all started with a request from the new Amazon distribution center in Gaines Township who wanted to make sure they had enough sanitizer on hand for their employees.

Since then, they've made almost as much sanitizer as they have alcohol in their one year of operation. Wise Men has added more clients and they continue to donate sanitizer to first responders and other front line workers.

Currently Wise Men is operating under loopholes that allow distilleries to make sanitizer using the World Health Organization recipe, so they're getting licensing in place to be able to continue.

Wise Men does have hand sanitizer available for the public to purchase. More info here.

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