Nachos might be one of my all time favorite foods. But they have to be done right. None of that sick, fake, liquid cheese and all of the guac, onions, jalapeños, spicy chicken, and sour cream. Yum.

Now you might read that description and think, "No no. Good nachos must have beef!" Or "Um, fake liquid cheese is delicious..."

Listen, we all might have different opinions on what "good nachos" are. Well you're sure to find something meeting your standards on Thrillists' "The 21 Best Nachos in America"-- and Grand Rapids' Brewery Vivant made the list!

Thrillist explains that when it comes to nachos, it's about quality over quantity and that each establishment on the list brings something unique and awesome to their nachos:

"Whether it's with all-over cheese coverage or the introduction of a seriously awesome unforeseen ingredient (smoked brisket, anyone?), the following taquerias, bars, and holes-in-the-wall have something that sets them apart from the pack and makes them truly supreme."


What sets GR's Brewery Vivant's nachos apart? Duck.

From Thrillist:

"Purists might turn their noses up at the stuff, but the duck nachos at Brewery Vivant have to be eaten to be believed – Brie cream, tomato concasse (a fancy word for ground tomatoes), duck confit, caramelized onions, and duck cracklin’ with citrus all on top of perfectly cooked tortilla chips. Try any of the beers on tap, and you’ll be in nacho heaven, which is perfect, considering this place is in a converted church."



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