In 1993, Grand Rapids recorded 34 homicides. In 2020, that number has been elevated.

The Grand Rapids Police Department is investigating its 35th homicide of the year making the total the highest ever. On Sunday, Police trailed a car which was driving erratically. The driver crashed into a building just west of the intersection of South Division and Burton streets.

Police found the driver had been shot in the chest and was taken to the hospital where he eventually died. The 23-year-old victim became the 35th homicide of the year in Grand Rapids. The driving factor for the increase in violence isn't fully known yet. More than 75% of the crimes were committed with a firearm.
Chris Becker, Kent County prosecutor told WZZM that he attributes the up tick to the pandemic.

The only thing you may be able to point to is Covid. I think in terms of the stress and everybody’s on edge. And I think that’s carried over.

The city is averaging about one death every week and a half. That total is triple the average number of homicides per year. More than half of the victims were 25 years old and younger.

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