After the recent shootings in El Paso Texas, Dayton Ohio and Gilroy California it has really made me reflect on what a great city we have in Grand Rapids...and at the same time...that also concerns me.

Please, I am not trying to scare anyone but just ask that we all be vigilant and really pay attention to our surroundings.

I left work on Tuesday night and was walking around town, people were everywhere with smiles and just enjoying life. I had dinner at the Hopcat and the place was packed full of people enjoying their food, beverage and most of all...each others company.

On my walk, I went past Van Andel Arena, 20 Monroe Live and The B.O.B. and thought of all the great crowds that have been at all those locations. Then when I got to Rosa Parks Circle there was a band playing and hundreds of people dancing to 'Foot Loose' and all this made me smile. The amount of joy I saw in our city last night was amazing and I didn't really walk that far.

Grand Rapids and the surrounding cities really are some of the best places to be in, and not just in America, but perhaps around the world. We are very lucky to have all these wonderful communities.

So continue to get out an enjoy all the great places in West Michigan, I just ask that you pay attention to your surroundings, know where the exit is and let authorities know if you see anything that does not seem right.

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