Looking for job that's meaningful and helps the community? The Grand Rapids 911 Call Center is hiring.

Wood TV 8 reports that the City of Grand Rapids is looking to add two or three emergency communications operators to its full-time staff; Five part-time positions are open too.

City of Grand Rapids Communications Manager Karen Chadwick told Wood TV 8 that being able to multitask is important:

“You’re on the phone, you’re on the radio, you’re typing, you’re looking at other screens, so it’s a lot of multitasking. We want accuracy and speed. It’s not constantly always the same thing. And if that’s what you’re looking for for a job, this would be it.”

Chadwick says that dispatchers need to be able to handle tough calls from people who may be going through the worst experiences of their lives,

“We have quite a bit of stress management training and stress resilience training and … how to deal with these customers that are very upset, so we will train them to all of that,. But you do have to have some intestinal fortitude, for sure, because some of the calls are pretty tough.”

Pay for full time positions ranges between $40,900 and $52,000 per year.

Interested applicants should apply on the city's website before August 14.

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