It's been one of the most popular exhibits the Grand Rapids Art Museum has ever had, and it ends its run this Sunday.

Organized by the Grand Rapids Art Museum, Andy Warhol’s American Icons showcases Warhol’s vision and celebration of America by bringing together paintings, prints, photographs, and films that create a handbook of American cultural icons.

One of the Museum's first exhibitions in its new building was Rapid Exposure: Warhol in Series in spring 2008. To celebrate their 10th anniversary at 101 Monroe Center, the art museum back key works by Warhol, the quintessential contemporary artist.

American Icons spotlights iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe, Sitting Bull, Muhammad Ali, Liz Taylor, and one of the most famous Grand Rapidians, Gerald R. Ford. Products and symbols can be icons as well; the exhibition includes Warhol’s well-known Campbells soup can screenprints and an important early painting on loan from the Whitney Museum of American art, Green Coca-Cola Bottles (1962), among other symbols of America.

American Icons draws on artworks from GRAM’s collection, as well as works from private collections and other public art institutions throughout the country, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Andy Warhol Museum, and the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.

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