Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about the massive amount of homes still without power after Wednesday's incredible wind storm in Michigan. Also, Michigan is offering you $1 Million...if you can figure out how to solve their little problem.

As of Thursday morning, there were still about 21,000 homes in the Grand Rapids area without power, and it's estimated about a million homes in Michigan lost power in Wednesday's wind storm. Labeled one of the biggest storms as far as that effect ever in Michigan.

Also, the state has hired a company to administer a contest to find someone who can solve Michigan's Asian Carp problem. There shouldn't be any in the Great Lakes, and the state has run out of ideas on how to get rid of them, so they hired a company to offer $1 Million to anyone who can figure it out.

Yes, this really does sound like a problem we're paying the government to fix, but apparently they have no ideas, so they've turned to us. And they're using our taxes dollars to pay a company to pay a winner a million bucks for an idea.

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