We have seen the protests in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well as all across the country and now the GRPD have announced changes on how they will use force.

Grand Rapids Police Department made an announcement Wednesday that they are banning chokeholds of any kind among other changes regarding use of force.

According to WOOD, Police Chief Eric Payne says the GRPD will improve its use of force policy within 60 days, ban chokeholds and officers will be instructed to deescalate situations when possible by communicating and maintaining distance. Officers will be required to give a verbal warning and exhaust all other options when possible before using deadly force.

The GRPD are now going to require an officer to intervene if they see another officer using excessive force, then report the incident to a supervisor.

Like many police departments across the country, the GRPD are wasting no time in changing policies that will avoid the type of death George Floyd fell to in Minneapolis.

According to WOOD, Payne said, "the tragic death of George Floyd can't be in vain, changes have to be made."

Protests have continued in Grand Rapids since the peaceful protest over a week a go that turned into a riot damaging several downtown businesses. The protest the Monday after the riots was the only protest since that involved any arrests. According to MLive, twelve protesters were arrested for disobeying the 7 p.m. curfew that was temporarily put in place.

That curfew was lifted the following day and all protests have been peaceful since.

Most protests since have been on the corner of Monroe and Pearl Streets near the Rosa Parks statue and a few more on Fulton St. and these have all been peaceful.

Only time will tell if these new policies are followed and work. Hopefully they work and that all are treated equal and that no person has to die in a routine stop by police.

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