Tim Sobie at Sobie Meats in Walker is happy today that there is still some good in the world.

Tim had misplaced his daily cash receipts envelope and was in a tizzy trying to find it.

"We looked everywhere retracing our steps," Sobie wrote on the business' Facebook page. "All our employees were looking for it all day. Just sick inside that it was misplaced somewhere."

They eventually found themselves looking at the butcher shop's security cameras where they caught footage of a man picking up the cash envelope just outside the front door.

This became even more disheartening, because as Sobie told FOX-17 News, the business name and phone number were on a deposit slip in the bag, and no one had come forward.


Just before closing, a man came into the business to return the lost deposits.

"I drove around front and you were closed...I just got out of work," Sobie recalled to FOX-17. 

"We were just elated that after that long that someone brought it all back in."

"He had never been in the shop before ... and he was doing an act of kindness like that," Sobie said. "So that was pretty, pretty phenomenal."

He will be in the shop soon as Sobie rewarded him with a gift card with the promise of a choice cut of meat.

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