When the electric scooter rental service started up last fall, my first reaction was, 'Oh, great, people are going to dump those all over town.' It turns out I was right.

"No!" I was assured by a co-worker, "people have to sign up using their credit card, so they will bring them back to where they got them or leave them in an appropriate area."

I love him for his naivete. He doesn't understand that people can and will steal credit card numbers and use those for ill repute.

No sooner had spring sprung then the carcasses of dead scooters began popping up  throughout our fair city. Even in the river.

Luckily for us, the Instagram feed called @gr_scootsontheloose documents abandoned scooters throughout Grand Rapids. God bless them. They have helped me prove my point.

My favorite is the one left in a tree.

I would tell you to enjoy these photos, but I almost ran over one in the bike lane on Monroe the other day, so my sense of humor is gone.

At least the captions are funny.

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