President-Elect Joe Biden will soon be putting together a list of candidates for his cabinet and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has implied that she wasn't going to accept a position if offered.

There was much speculation as to whether Governor Whitmer was in the running to be Biden's Vice Presidential nominee and then that speculation was turned to the possibility of her becoming a member of his cabinet.

But in an interview with WDIV Detroit news network, she said “I have no intention of leaving. I love being the governor of Michigan." and then went on to say "I think I can be a great partner to a Biden-Harris administration from right here at home. I think they are going to be a great partner to Michigan.”

The Governor hasn't directly confirmed or denied being asked to join the President-Elect's cabinet, but based on her comments to WDIV, one can assume that she was at least on the short list of candidates.  Whitmer also talked about the continuing surge of positive coronavirus cases as well as the victory speeches of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris during her interview with WDIV.

Biden narrowly won Michigan in the 2020 election with only a 146,123 vote lead over President Trump, according to the Associated Press.  Trump has since filed two lawsuits against the state.  The first, which was filed to stop the ballot counting, was thrown out by a judge.  And now a second lawsuit, which alleges voter fraud, is seeking to block a final vote certification.

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