If you received a stimulus check the first time around, you may get another if the new coronavirus aid package gets passed.

As the $600 unemployment benefit will end in a couple days the United States Government is currently working on another package to try and help citizens through this time if deep unemployment due to the coronavirus causing layoff's, terminations and furlough's.

According to WOOD, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin called the current $600 weekly aid ridiculous and a disincentive for people to go back to work. So you can plan on that being reduced if they extend unemployment benefits to last a few more months.

The government is looking at sending out a second round of $1200 stimulus checks in August.

There are still a lot of details to work out on this new package. The Senate is still working out details on new unemployment benefits, money to help schools reopen due to the changes for coronavirus, tax credits to cut down on the loss of jobs, and some new lawsuit protections for schools and businesses.

So if you received a stimulus check back in the first round and second one could be approved as early as next week.

Although I personally have still not gotten the first one they say its on the way. I wonder if I will get the second one quicker if not before the first one.

One of the big issues the Senate is trying to push through is lawsuit protection for businesses. This one I have a little trouble with since some jobs put people in dangerous working conditions and many companies are forcing people back to work. If the laws get passed, this could further cause more COVID-19 outbreaks while others losing their jobs.

One of the other matters White House are working on is extending the federal eviction moratorium for rental units across the country but no word on how long that extension will be.

If the bills get passed you may see a stimulus check in mid to late August. With an election coming up that could go either way, my guess unemployment benefits and eviction moratorium benefits will only last a few months.

The Senate plans to take a recess from August 7th through Labor Day so they will need to make a decision quick.

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