A trio of "normal" goth office workers show their taste for the seemingly mundane and mainstream in last week's unaired Saturday Night Live skit "Three Normal Goths," a video short created by the New York-based comedy group Please Don't Destroy.

It plays a lot like if Office Space (1999) was about goth co-workers…and didn't draw any laughs.

But don't take our word for it. See if it evokes a chuckle when you watch the skit with a cameo from last Saturday's (April 2) SNL host, comedian and actor Jerrod Carmichael, alongside Please Don't Destroy's Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy. (via Collider)

Please Don't Destroy are usually funnier than this, as viewers on Reddit attest, which may explain why the skit didn't air. Several other of their SNL Digital Shorts have aired this season.

In "Three Normal Goths," the three play black-clad, face-caked and fully bedazzled goth culture adherents who work in an office and overtly share their love for many ostensibly non-goth interests, including Marvel movies, Disney Parks and Family Guy, while still making time for extreme interests such as eyeball tattooing.

One part illustrates the awkwardness a co-worker can feel when their joke doesn't land. It's a knowing quip, since this entire skit is a joke that doesn't land. Not that there's anything wrong with being goth, but we have to wonder how goths feel about this portrayal. Perhaps a funnier spin on the riff is a goth Fred Armisen at the beach with Danzig from a 2016 Portlandia episode. But hey, comedy's subjective, we guess!

Please Don't Destroy have performed at the New York Comedy Festival, Moontower Comedy Festival, Lyric Hyperion and more, in addition to developing comedy for TV, according to the trio's official website.

Watch their unaired SNL skit below.

Please Don't Destroy, "Three Normal Goths" (Saturday Night Live)

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