If you are looking for a couple quality haunted corn mazes, get out to Sparta at Abandoned Acres Farm.

My son has been asking me to take him to a haunted maze for quite some time after hearing the commercials on the radio station. Since the station was having a scream contest at Abandoned Acres Farm and I was to be the host, so I thought perfect.

Abandoned Acres Farm is located at 7737 Fruit Ridge Avenue NW in Sparta. The are open every Friday through Sunday now until November 1. Here is a link to their website with all their details.

Abandoned Acres has two different mazes you can go through. One is called "The Bloody Butcher Corn Maze" and the other is the "Big Top Terrors Corn Maze."    

The week leading up to our visit to the Abandoned Acres Farm, I did some scream contests on the air to get some qualifiers some wristbands to allow them to go through both corn mazes. The qualifiers then had a chance to scream in person to win $100 cash and get their wristbands upgraded to fast passes that got the winner and their group to the front of the line in each maze.

We had five great contestants to do the scream off. We also had a decibel meter that would read the level of the screams so we knew officially who had the loudest scream.

Two of the five contestants had tied for best scream and let me tell you, both screams were ear shattering. The contest was fun and we kept is safe with a special spray for the microphone to keep it sanitized for each contestant. Below are some photos and a video of our winner.

I will tell you the people that work at Abandoned Acres Farm are all super nice and I'm sure if you pay them a visit, you will enjoy your experience.

I don't want to give away what to expect in either corn maze, but I will tell you they are both scary and their actors do a very good job not to mention all the attractions within the attractions are very well decorated filled with surprises.

For those who like to plan ahead, next year Abandoned Acres Farm will be expanding with a Haunted Hayride.


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