An Ohio man is facing animal cruelty charges after making a grave error in judgement.

Was The Monkey On Drugs Or Wasn't It?

Adam Kordes was busted back in March for allegedly giving his pet monkey methamphetamines, and now he is back in court trying to win the monkey back after disputing the findings of some veterinarians at Michigan State University.

Kordes was arrested on March 4th after an investigation led to the seizure of a six-month-old capuchin monkey named Neo. Authorities say the monkey tested positive for meth in its system, but Kordes is fighting to get his monkey back.

A Hamilton Country grand jury refused a felony charge against Kordes on Friday, and he says he has proof the monkey was happy and healthy; he also plans to challenge the blood toxicology report from Michigan State University that showed the meth in the monkey’s blood based on when the samples were taken and whether or not deputies can prove the meth came from Kordes.

Kordes' Attorney Lisa Rabanus said the case is the result of a flawed investigation by Cincinnati Animal Care.

That's Not How The Animal Experts See It

“That monkey clearly, clearly beyond any doubt, needed help,” Teresa Bullock told Channel 9 News. Bullock, who owns Misfitland, a roughly 300-acre farm that bills itself as a “forever home” to domesticated primates was the first to see the monkey after his alleged meth binge.

“The monkey went into this fit, where its arms straightened out, its legs straightened out,” Bullock said. “To me, it was (in) pain.”

That's when Neo's blood sample was sent to MSU, where the toxicology report showed the animal had traces of meth in its system which resulted in the confiscation of Neo.

Animal Care Authorities already had Kordes on their radar when another monkey under his care passed away. Which makes me wonder how he got another one.

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